Happy 21st Birthday, Liam!  (August 29, 1993)

The Hampton Classic 2014


Morning Coffee

Because every morning should start with a hot cup of coffee in bed! And nothing says comfort like a soft tank and boyshorts. The best part about this top though is that it’s so easy to create a whole new look. Just throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans and a cute pair of sandals before you head out the door. Effortless! 

T-shirt: Daydreamer

Seamless Boyshorts: Free People

Hair styled by: Morgan Parks

Shot by: Elias Tahan

Happy 28th birthday, Lea Michele! (August 29, 1986)

Mockingjay Part 1, Characters + Promotional Images

Happy 28th Birthday, Lea Michele Sarfati (August 29, 1986)

Now I feel a little bit more back together and I have this blank canvas in front of me, which is what my life can be. There’s something sad about that, but also something good, because I will take that blank canvas and make something beautiful out of it.”

Happy 28th Birthday, Lea! (August 29, 1986)

You met with a manager that told you that you had to get plastic surgery? She was like, “How old are you?”  I was like, “Thirteen.”  She’s like, “Great. As soon as you turn fifteen, it’s time for a nose job.” Obviously, I didn’t get it done. So, wherever she is, she can go fuck herself.

“I try not to set limits for myself anymore, because the original limits that I set were proven completely wrong. Here I am now: I have the lead on a TV show, I have a L’Oreal campaign, and I’ve been on the cover of some of my favorite beauty magazines. So here’s a big fat middle finger to the lady who told me to get my nose done.”

Happy 28th Birthday, Lea Michele Sarfati! (August 29nd, 1986) ♥

Happy 28th Birthday, Lea! (August 29, 1986)

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